How to get more clients

Google-Developers-rectangleYour website could be improved in several ways to get you higher placed in the search engines and improve the amount of potential clients that call you and ultimately book with you .

You can check for yourself with GOOGLE’s ‘website for mobile checker’ here.

andresouza_website_mockup4-step Guide to Get more Clients

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Why Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management platforms available.

  • Over 25% of all websites are powered by WordPress and it is used by more than 74 million sites.
  • WordPress is a great platform to get a responsive website up and running online, in next to no time.
  • You can even use the platform for your e-commerce solution as there are plugins available to convert a simple blogging website to a full e-commerce shopping cart system.

Creating websites in WordPress will give you the following benefits:

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What are Responsive sites

There is no doubt that the mobile-age of the Internet is upon us, with more and more people accessing the web on their mobiles, smart phones and touch pads. It is almost inconceivable for businesses not to have a mobile-friendly website… Or is it? Well, statistics show that across the world businesses are being much slower in the uptake of mobile sites than the growth of mobile web is demanding. Surprisingly, even some of the big Ecommerce players have not gone mobile friendly yet.

So, why should you invest in a mobile-friendly website?
According to data, mobile internet use is expected to overtake traditional desktop and laptop Internet use by 2017. Another important statistic to consider is that 50% of local searches are already carried out on mobile devices.

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What is search engine optimisation

Tips to get your website in shape for your ongoing Marketing campaign.

1) Nice URLs

Older versions of WordPress, by default, used to have URLs formatted as This format is not very user friendly and does not contain any keywords for the search engines to index. The current WordPress install uses the following format: Whilst this format is a lot nicer and search engine friendly, you may want to consider dropping the date element. In order to adjust URL settings, go to Settings > Permalinks in your Admin panel.

WordPress URLs

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