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How to get more clients

Google-Developers-rectangleYour website could be improved in several ways to get you higher placed in the search engines and improve the amount of potential clients that call you and ultimately book with you .

You can check for yourself with GOOGLE’s ‘website for mobile checker’ here.

andresouza_website_mockup4-step Guide to Get more Clients

1. Running your own Small business is getting tougher, yet having an effective website that works seamlessly on smart phones , laptops, and tablets, will consistently bring you more business than those that don’t.

Google search is showing a definite bias in favour of responsive sites over the old style traditional types

  • Would you like your website to work on all the latest devices?

2. The latest and best performing websites now include buttons that allow clients to call their numbers with just one click, straight from their mobile phone, easily and simply.

  • Would you like to receive more telephone queries?

3. On-line purchases in the UK via smart devices (phone and Tablet) is 60 Billion Pounds per year! People are now
far more confident purchasing on line, so a simple booking system with the option to pay on line or at the time of the appointment is the latest way of getting business.

  • online bookingsWould you like to offer and receive payment on-line for bookings?

4. Having a simple email notification detailing your pending appointments allows you the time to do what you want to do when you want to. It also means that clients can book on impulse when they visit your smart website.

  • Would you manage your diary better by having your client’s book on-line?





Now is the time to make the changes, upgrade your website, get ahead of the competition, and ultimately increase your client base.
We offer easy payments and prices start from just £595 for a fully functional business website.

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