How Do You Deal With Canon Error Code Ir3300 E00007?

This user guide will help you if you encounter Canon error code ir3300 e00007.

How to reset error code e000007 for Canon IR3300 series copier.Error code E0007 is related to troubleshooting traffic film rotation issues. The fuser film sensor does not detect film rotation for more than 6 seconds or while the fuser motor is rotating. Turn off the machine and in most cases turn it back on if the problem persists. So use the following tricks.

Canon Ir3300 Code Error E000007

Here’s an article on how to fix error code E000007 on your Canon copier that should solve your problem. We will share some methods they can use to fix error E000007 for specific Canon receiver ir2200, ir2800, ir3300. So check them one by one until they are fixed.

The parent of the service, i.e. The copier should be well maintained and checked for replacement. Consumables such as toner, blade, drum, fuser rollers, pickup roller, and developer have been replaced at this time. Also check if the modified consumables are new or not. Always use replacement parts to ensure they are of good quality. If you are sure that you have replaced the correct part or that there is nothing to replace, after making sure of these important points, you can proceed to erasing the common symbol. Always use experienced technicians to support your service.

Meaning Of Error Code E00007?

Error E0007 refers to a code to fix film rotation problems. The film fixing sensor does not detect film rotation at 6 or more booms and exchange commissions during the operation of the fixing machine. Turn off the machine and then turn it on again from the right side of the person, if the problem does not occur, so please get rid of the following steps.

How Can This Course Of Action Not Encode Error E00007?

Don’t worry if you get this error. In rare cases, you can help her with a very simple procedure. Follow the instructions:

  • Check the image of the fuser movement: you need to remove the fuser (FG6-6040-000) from the device and also turn the gear manually. Either it is torn, or a small white speck at the end of the leaf.dirty. It can be worn. Just replace the film fuser that has a new one. The code will be deleted permanently.
  • Apply grease or oil: fixer. You can check whether the film is rotating or not. Clean off all that old grease and lightly apply some new dirt or fusion oil. And then try rotating it.
  • Check pressure drum. If the film fuser does not rotate properly, check the pinch roller, plastic ring, and bushing. It may be a little more to wear. Replace the cleaning roller with a pressure roller. If you get more than 300, replace every pinch roller, bushings and rubber ornaments. Change the cleaning roller or clean it every 10-15,000 copies to avoid uncontrolled curing problems.
  • Check the mounting of the video sensor. It is faulty: it could be a dirty sensor. Or check the connection of the fixing film.
  • If you find your parts, replace them and the error will persist after the automatic reset of the error signal. If the error is still found after applying the aboveabove solutions, all you have to do is call Canon Technical Support.

    Fixed: Canon Error Code Ir3300 E00007

    canon ir3300 error code e00007

    Canon ir3300 policy issue with error code e00007. Call us for more solutions

  • Code: E007-0000
  • Description: An error was detected while rotating the prefilm.
    The main thermistor reads 100°C or more, and in addition, the recovery sensor film does not detect film rotation for five seconds or more while the arm motor is running.
  • Reasons. Faulty Silver Screen mount sensor (PS45). The DC controller board is defective. To fix my mistake, run the following in organizational mode: COPIER>FUNCTION>RESET>ERROR
  • Remedy: 1. Wiring Are the mobile connectors connected correctly? DC Operator Board (J311) <-> relay connection <-> mounting plate Sensor No.: Now connect the wiring and connectors. 2. Connect the film sensor. Check DVD rotation signal. When the motor is actually spinning by attaching the cover sensor to the concoctorJ311 on the DC controller board, will the film rotation detection signal be sent? Film rotation detection signal: 5V pulse signal between J311-A9 (FILM_ROT_D) and J311-A8 (GND); at intervals of 100 ms ON in addition to 440 ms OFF NO: If film peeling is normal, replace the sensor. 3. Fuser film unit, DC controller board Is there an abnormal fault in the fuser film edge turn detection mechanism? YES: Replace the repair film unit. NO: Replace the DC control board as a whole.