Troubleshooting Steps For The Start Menu On The Desktop

Sometimes your system may give you a message that the Start menu on the desktop is not displayed. There can be several reasons for this problem. If you have a problem with the Start Menu, the first thing to do is to restart the main Windows Explorer process in the Task Manager. To open Task Manager, drag Ctrl+Alt+Del while clicking the Task Manager button. After that, try opening that particular Start Menu.

How do I get the Start Menu icon back on my desktop?

Right click on an empty space on your amazing desktop.Click the Show option in the context menu to seeClick parameters.Make sure “Show desktop icons” is checked very strongly.You should immediately see your trust icons reappear.

If someone can’t see the start page or your taskbar, the taskbar may be hidden. Try the following steps to take a look.

  1. Press the Windows banner key + I to go to Settings, then choose Personalization > Taskbar.

  2. Enable blocking of certain parts of the taskbar.

  3. Disable auto-hide of the taskbar in the desktop layout, or auto-hide the taskbar in back-shelf mode.


    Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager. You may have to click “More Info” at the bottom of the window to see everything.

  1. Select the Processes tab.

  2. In Marketplace, scroll down to Windows Explorer, select it, and then select Restart.

This process may take a few seconds, and the taskbar and Start menu may not appear when you restart Windows Explorer. You can close Task Manager when the process is finished.

  1. desktop start menu not showing

    Press the Windows speed dial key + I to open Settings.

  2. How do I get my Start Menu to show up?

    Press the Windows key on your keyboard to display the start menu. The taskbar should appear with this. Right-click on the now visible taskbar and select Taskbar Settings. Click the “Auto-hide every taskbar in desktop mode” toggle to simply disable or enable “Lock the taskbar”.

    In Settings, select Update & Security > Windows Update, then Check for Latest Versions. Install all available updates and, if necessary, restart your computer.

Check for Updates

Note. Need another way to access settings? Press the Windows logo key + R where you type ms: settings (note the colon) next to the Open box. Select OK to open settings.

desktop start menu not showing

If you haven’t had updates that require a reboot, it’s always a good idea to reboot your new device to make sure future updatesThe features are installed.

To restart your device if most people don’t have access to the Start menu, press Ctrl + Alt + Del, select Power, and then select Restart.

Why did my Start Menu disappeared Windows 10?

Sometimes your Start Menu goes missing because your Windows 10 installation is considered corrupt. If so, you might be able to fix the problem by running an SFC and DISM scan. These two scans are set up to repair a corrupted installation, as you can try them all.

Note. You have the option to manually turn off an individual device by pressing and holding the new on/off button. If you stop this way, you may lose unsaved data. So, first of all, be sure to save and point to close whatever you are working on. When people disconnect in this way, someone can restart your device by pressing the power button again.

While it probably has the latest drivers installed, if you find that you are still having problems with the general Start Menu, you can try to resolve them by manually updating your visual or sound drivers. For more information, see Update drivers in Windows 10.