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    error message #8611

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    geocar in the direction of transport network Internet connectivity
    (Not assigned)

    Error #8611 Unable to install as non-root user
    Sent: 09/01/2006 17:12 UTC
    From: Attribute:
    Status: No comments Package: PEAR (version 1.4.11)
    PHP version: Not relevant Operating system: Debian 3

    error message #8611

    Description:————Installing on the basis that a non-root user simply fails unless the home directory is outside the root directory, or outside a directory that is often outside the root directory.To reproduce: create a user as root /usr/local/someplace/users/yourusername.accessThe permissions on the directory under your username should be 0750, and the visitor does not belong to a group because they “own” their home directory.Installation _always_ fails to create “cannot create /usr/local/someplace/users/yourusername”.I will decideSolved the problem by creating a symbolic link in /yourusername, doing the install, then using the Fine command. -type s -print0 |xargs -dom -0 perl -i ‘s//yourusername//usr/local/somewhere/users/yourusername/sg’And the -e above fixes php.ini to point to the PEAR directory.

    What do you use to make pears? get PHP versions?I’m walking, I can’t look at you. If the directory really did not exist before installation, and the user has rights to create it now, then I simply do not see an error here.

    I tried using gopear.The directory currently exists.It doesn’t matter if the user has the ability to create a submit page or not.

    “The directory simply exists.”Okay, so what are the permissions/owners associated with this directory and which PC user is running go-pear?”It should not mean whether the user has the ability to create a directory or not.”Of course, if it is not important, indicate it. But this is probably not the case.

    “Ok, now what are the rights/owners of this directory and which user are you going to use?”I create a user:mkdir -p /usr/share/webchown root: /usr/share/webc roothmod 0711 /usr/share/webuseradd -d -g /usr/share/web/foo user foochown /usr/share/web/foochmod foo: www 0750 /usr/share/web/foofoo is included and usually copies the php.cgi file to ~/cgi-bin/php5 and into it:$ from leads PATH=$HOME/cgi-bin:$PATH$exportPATH$ to lynx – source Php5How? ‘Or’ Whatr| following these prefix instructions is often set to /usr/share/web/fooInstallation continues, find PEAR, extract and install the config at the top. Hmm (tried to build conf), abort and complain about /usr/share/web/foo which already exists.If I type -s /foo /usr/share/web/foo and run my install by setting the “prefix” to /foo – then change all the fields in /foo, it’s more likely that the install will succeed.”It doesn’t matter which user has the ability to create a catalog page or not.”Of course, if it’s not there, it’s not a problem. But this fact is not here, is not, and if it does not exist.the installer should ignore mkdir and this error code. He’d better check the benefits with chdir or opendir or maybe try to create a file there (if he really wants to check the entry) or something like that.This is really an attempt_ _not_ to predict whether it will be possible to addz directory. Tell me

    Clarify error messages.Regardless of how you create these directories, I want you to understand what you are doing and what is wrong.It works fine on this page (does exactly what you said and works with user “foo”). The most efficient requirement is that the prefix submission page be writable (in this case foo) by the user using go-pear.It looks like you are installing the wrong permissions, but this is not a surprising installation error. In

    Welcome, pear!Go-Pear adds team Pear classifies and that’s itit was necessary. This is the PEAR creation and maintenance tool.Go-Pear also allows you to buy bundled PEAR programs and install PHP:with mdb2.youIf you really want to cancel, press Ctrl-C now or press Enter to continue:HTTP proxy (

    Need to fix Windows errors? Restoro can help

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  • 1. Download and install Restoro
  • 2. Open the program and click on the "Scan" button
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    Fehlermeldung 8611
    Mensagem De Erro 8611
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    Message D Erreur 8611
    Felmeddelande 8611
    Mensaje De Error 8611
    Komunikat O Bledzie 8611
    Foutmelding 8611
    오류 메시지 8611
    Soobshenie Ob Oshibke 8611