Best Way To Fix Evb Runtime Loading Issues

I hope this article will help you when you see the evb runtime loading.

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eMbedded Visual Basic (eVB) runtime

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evb runtime download

eMbedded Visual Basic (eVB) Runtime

Version: 1.0

Platforms: Pocket PC

Categories: Programming & Development, System Utilities

Upload date: October 16 06

Developer: Microsoft

License: Freeware

evb runtime download

Downloads: 14808
File size: 2853 KB

Free download of the eMbedded Visual Basic (eVB) Runtime

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2.4/5 (totalvotes: 69)

eMbedded Visual Basic Runtime is a tool that helps you run certain programs from Windows on Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003 SE PDAs. Ideally, set it only when required by the application.
As this technology is now largely discontinued by Microsoft, this application should probably not be installed on Windows for Smartphones, Windows Mobile 5.0, or other built versions.
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Supported operating systems:Windows Mobile Windows 2003, Mobile 5.0
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