You Need To Get Rid Of The Hyperlink Problem In Outlook 2007

You should refer to these troubleshooting methods if you encounter hyperlink issue in Outlook 2007 error message on your computer.

The main reason why hyperlinks don’t work in Outlook is almost certainly due to the default internet browser that was not (correctly) created on your operating system. This issue usually occurs after uninstalling Google Chrome or changing a later version of the browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome or Firefox.


Suppose you have set Internet as Explorer as the default browser for Windows. If you select a hyperlink found in Microsoft Outlook, you will receive one of the following error messages, depending on your version of Outlook:

This operation was originally canceled due to limitations on the final output on this computer. Contact your trusted system administrator.

Your organization’s policies prevent us from doing this for you. Please contact support for more information.


Follow these methods one at a time to solve this daunting task. Check if the problem is resolved after each method.

Method 1: Reset Internet Explorer Service Settings

Explorer Internet 11 and Explorer Online World 10

  1. Start Internet Explorer.

  2. Select “InTools> Internet Options.

  3. Select Advanced> Reset.

  4. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window, select Remove Personal Settings> Reset.Close

  5. select if it can be complete.

    When I click on link in Outlook nothing happens?

    If you can’t access the hyperlink in Outlook, it probably isn’t due to negligence on the part of the email client. Rather, the association usually concludes that the incoming links to your browser are corrupted and / or garbled in some way. Setting your own different default web browser in Windows 10 can fix this problem.

  6. Close and restart Internet Explorer.

  7. Select Tools> Internet Options.

  8. Select Programs> Define Programs.

    hyperlink problem in outlook 2007

  9. Select Detect Insolvency Programs.

  10. In the Programs list, select Microsoft Outlook> Set Crash Program As.

  11. Scroll down to the list of larger default programs, then highlight in Internet Explorer and select Set this program as default.

  12. Select “OK”, you are logged in when you close the standard dialog toolbar.

Internet Explorer 9

  1. Start Internet Explorer.

  2. Select Tools> Internet Options.

  3. Select Advanced> Reset.

  4. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window, select Clear Personal Settings> Resetclose.

  5. When finished, select

  6. .

  7. Restart Internet Explorer.

  8. Select Tools> Internet Options.

  9. Select Programs> Define Programs.

  10. Select Define Graphs For Latency Cases.

  11. In the Programs list, select Microsoft Outlook> Set a time-out for this program. OK,

  12. Select and close the Default Programs dialog box.

  13. In the Internet Options dialog box, go to the Programs tab, then under Default Web Browser, select Select Warp.

    hyperlink problem in outlook 2007

  14. Select OK.

Internet 9 Explorer and Internet Explorer 7

  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Select “Internet Options” from the “Tools” menu.
  3. Select Advanced> Reset.
  4. Select Schedules> Set Schedules.
  5. Select Set Default Programs.
  6. Select Microsoft Outlook> This program is predefined as follows.
  7. Click OK, then the familiar Default Programs dialog box appears.
  8. In the Internet Options dialog box, go to the Programs tab, then under Default Web Browser, select Create Interaction.
  9. Select OK.

Internet Explorer 6

  1. Start Internet Explorer.

  2. From the Get menu, select Tools, Internet Options.

  3. Select> Programs to reset Internet settings.

  4. Make sure the correct program e-mail address is probably selected in the Internet Programs section.

  5. Select Internet Explorer to check if the check box is selected in your default browser.

  6. Select Apply> OK.


    When you start Internet Explorer Explorer, you may receive the following advertisements:
    The Internet may not be your default browser at the moment. Would you like to set the default browser for your company?

    When you receive this content, select “Yes”.

Method 2 – Also Export Registry Keys From Many Other Computers

This section is for advanced computer users. If you need For help with common issues, contact your system administrator and Microsoft Support .

Step 1. Export the exact registry key from another computer

  1. On a new computer that does not have this meeting issue, select Start> Run.

  2. Type regedit in the Open box and click OK.

  3. Find your HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Classes htmlfile shell open command subkey :.

  4. From the File or Check In menu (depending on your working system), select the Export option.

  5. Mark the exact location where the file will be saved.

  6. Enter only the file name and search for “Save”.

  7. Close the registry editor.

Step 2. Import these registry keys

  1. Copy the exported recording ratio for the personal issue to your desktop.

  2. Double click the .reg file.

    You may receive the following message:

    Information about Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8

    Adding may accidentally change or remove values ​​and prevent correct components. If we don’t trust the generator for this information in C: Users Desktop regkey.reg, don’t run it in each of our registries.

    Windows 7

    Are you sure you want to add information to disk: file location copied name to file.reg to help with saving?

  3. Select Yes> OK.

Step or higher: check if the character string (standard) matches the component HTML hkey_classes_root.html

  1. Start> Run is selected.

  2. In the Open Current Field box, enter regedit and search for OK.

  3. Find the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT subkey in the PC registry and select it: .html.

  4. Make sure the (default) string value is “htmlfile”. If it is indeed an HTML file, right-click (default), select Edit, Light HTML File in the Value field, and select OK.

  5. Close the registry editor.

  • 3 minutes to read.
  • Applies to:
    Outlook 2003, Outlook 2005, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019, Outlook for Microsoft 365

If you are using Windows 10, MSWindows 8.1 or 8, go to method 2.

When starting Internet Explorer, you may receive the following message:
Internet Explorer is not your default visitor at this time. Want to set your default browser?

Please follow the instructions in this section carefully. Serious problems can arise if you modify the Windows registry incorrectly on your computer. Before changing it, reset the registry for recovery if you have any problems.

Be sure to use this method if the previous instructions work the same for both browsers to avoid this problem.

Why are my hyperlinks not working?

Most of the problems with opening hyperlinks are usually related to your internet browser’s security blocks that prevent pop-ups from opening, or a Flash Player plugin that prevents you from placing URLs in public Flash files. To open files. Open the Adobe Flash Player settings.

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