Best Way To Troubleshoot Jdbc.connection.debug=true

If you have seen jdbc.connection.debug=true, this article should help you.

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  • Outlook Express rewards _ Code to download new mail 0x8007000E

    Outlook Express may not display the _ code new download messages 0x8007000E error

    Out of memory? Lots of memory!

    Go to file | Identity and create a new identity. Then, if it works fine, take the file a | Import Messages, | to bring them out of a long-standing identity. Does this provide a basis for new incompetents and posts and should this fix the problems?


  • In order to run all the applications that are used on the laptop or to install a download, the error message does not indicate that the application is not a real “win32.exe or win32.application”. does not work. this

    All apps on your tablet or laptop or downloaded app installs will work in full to get the job done. No error message saying most applications are invalid “win32,.exe too win32.application”.

    Hi m.velentino,

    I don’t know if everyone still has the error word not win32 valid.application.

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    It turns out a fake error: toleranceYour 32-bit application may have more than one attached:
    I’m somewhat below.

    The file is missing or corrupted.
    – If the hard drive is considered damaged or corrupted, this magically causes the program to crash, either because the program often fails to read all the data from disk to disk. damaged. then run a hard drive defragmenter to check for errors.
    – If your entire family runs a program from the same system on the computer, you check to see if there is a program that might be present on the personal computer. . In some cases, when the show is no longer installed on this computer, it may be an error.

    The file is not designed for your version of Windows:
    – If you try to use a program that is not suitable for your version of Windows, we may get this error.
    – Although many older programs work in home versions of Windows will work Unfortunately, newer versions of Windows probably won’t work in all programs.
    -If the program is currently an MS-DOS program, you can add an older version.This or a program run by Windows to get this error.

    If the program is designed for 64-bit Windows setup and you are logged into a 32-bit version of Windows, it will not work and will give this error.


    The file is a virus, worm, or other malicious software file.
    – This error may be due to the fact that the file is actually a virus, Trojan worm, program, or other type of malicious file. This often affects performance because the antivirus program installed on that particular computer does not allow files to be installed or run. Finally, try to scan the file to see if it’s infected with a virus or not.
    – Indeed, if the file has been checked, but it is all clean, it is still possible that the antivirus or just another program or The file is installed The real computer is the starting point for questions about installing or running the program. Start the computer in safe mode and try to start on him a program. Start Computer Mode in Safe Mode because there is something running in the background thatcan cause this problem.
    Hardware incompatibility.
    -If you are getting this error while installing a program, it is also possible that experts are stating that the CD drive or the path from which you install the software is either incompatible with Windows or has incompatible drivers. not definitely compatible with Windows.
    – Download the latest software for your CD player and from even your system or computer manufacturer from your fitness equipment manufacturer. (Microsoft does not test us materials)

    Let me know if this information helps you.



  • Phone keyboard quote is not always correct

    Hi everyone

    I have to make a phone call using the phone keypad to pre-enter the number, but Phone::requestDialpad doesn’t always work. If Phone Transfer was never used to start the phone, calling Phone::requestDialpad will show it without going through every keyboard (when I manually finish can I see that it’s filled with the number I applied for phelp with the query keyboard). If I close my mobile device and re-enter the Phone::requestDialpad app from my app, everything runs as a way – the phone app will appear as a switch on the keyboard.< A /p>

    Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? I also have a marketing review within Invocaion, but in general, nothing is described in the manual that activates the keyboard – only for calling a number and displaying a call tree. On the other hand, is there a “To mime type” action to display only the default number when dialed from the panel?

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