Debian Kernel Source Fix Suggestions

You should check these fix recommendations if you receive a Debian kernel source error message.

Considered an outdated guide to integrating the Linux kernel directly into the .deb package. Do not work with it and do not take salted almonds. Instead visit

Install Required Packages

To compile and get the Linux kernel source when I need the following packages:

  • Create Essential and Essential packages required for production.
  • linux-source – Linux kernel source –
  • libncurses5-dev development files for ncurses5. For additional use of curse based managed navigation configurations.

To install this software, run the following command as your kernel:

  • sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-source bc kmod cpio flex libncurses5-dev libelf-dev libssl-dev dwarfs

  • < / st>
    kernel sources debian

    In / usr / src, you will find a file similar to searching for linux-source-x.x.tar.xz. Note that x.x is the current Linux kernel source for your current Debian version. In this case, we will use our own 4.15 kernel for Sid.

    Extract the kernel source with the following command (NOTE: you need to adapt 4.15 so that adap the .tar.xz file to / usr / src):

    • tar xavf /usr/src/linux-source-4.15.tar.xz

    Configure The Kernel Directory

    Switch to the Linux provider you just extracted (reconfigure 4.15 to your correct version):

    • cd linux-source-4.15

    Create defconfig with all of the following commands, change ARCH = i386 and adapt the target architecture:

    • make ARCH = i386 defconfig

    Using Our Current Debian Kernel Configuration Based On A Starting Point

    Alternatively, you can benefit from customizing the Debian kernel you have already installed by following the / boot / config- * file after .config then run make oldconfig to finally answer the new questions.

    If you are participating, be sure to change the config being defined:

     make [4]: ​​*** Rule # for generating 'debian / certs / test-signing-certs.pem' required by 'certs / x509_certificate_list'. Stop.make [4]: ​​*** Wait for work in progress .... 

    Definitely Building A Debian Package

    kernel sources debian

    Use the make bindeb-pkg command to build the kernel. -j`nproc` has problems creating sets for use The use is mainly due to the large number of handlers like you.

    • nice make -j`nproc`` bindeb-pkg

    This will take some time, and it should be noted that this does not have to be done on the target machine (or even now on the target architecture). Look for cross-compiling the kernel in your chosen sickles if you find yourself wanting to compete.) Choosing the highest performing printer can reduce the time for this type of operation from a few hours to as little as 1 hour.

    It should also be noted that if you are using a minor variation of the configuration supplied with Debian, you may need over 7GB of disk space to complete this operation.

    Upon completion, several files will be created in the parent directory. Here are the most important and possibly confusing ones:

    • linux-image-VERSION_ARCH.deb
    • linux-image-VERSION-dbg_VERSION_ARCH.deb

    The replacement for starters will be your standard modern Grub menu list item attached to your installation. This means that if you install it and reboot on the next reboot, you boot into a boguse core.

    The latter are debug emblems for the former. This is useful, for example, if you want to debug the kernel. Note that the extracted debug icon is approximately 5 GB in size.

    See Also

    Compile Kernel section in Debian Administrator (WARNING: deprecated instructions)

    Q: I need to download and install a complete kernel source tree in order to build my own kernel for my Debian or Ubuntu system. What's the awesome and correct way to download all of the kernel sources in Debian or Ubuntu?

    Before integrating the complete kernel source into a separate system, consider whether you need the complete kernel source. When trying to compile a standalone kernel module or your own kernel golf club, you never need the complete kernel source. All you have to do is install similar kernel headers and that's it.

    At best, you need a complete kernel source tree if you want to build a large custom kernel after any kernel code change and / or tweak to the standardkernel parameters.

    Here's how to install and load a complete kernel reservoir tree from Debian or Ubuntu databases. While you can download that particular official kernel source from, you can use the distribution's repositories to download the kernel source that has major maintainer fixes applied.

    Install The Complete Kernel Source On Debian

    Before downloading the kernel source, install dpkg-dev , which contains another set of development tools needed to create Debian source packages. It contains, among other things, the dpkg-dev dpgk-source tool, which often allows you to extract the original Debian release package and apply fixes automatically.

     $ sudo apt-get run dpkg-dev
     $ apt-get source linux-image - $ (uname -r)

    Full kernel resource ( linux_X.X.XX.orig.tar.xz ), all kernel patches available ( linux_X.XX + XXX.debian .tar.xz < / code>) and source file management ( linux_XXXX.dsc ) are also loaded and saved in this current directory. The .dsc file explains how to applyPost fixes directly to the kernel sources.

    After the download is complete, the above command successfully invokes the dpkg-source tool, which unpacks the loaded kernel into some current source directory and logs the idle time loaded according to .dsc file .

    The final duplicate of the kernel source tree is readily available in the current directory, although linux-X.X.XX .

    Install The Complete Kernel Source On Ubuntu

    If customers want to install the complete source code, the kernel can run in the Debian way described above on Ubuntu if you think it is correct.

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