How To Fix BIOS ROM Read Issues In Linux

If you are facing linux read bios rom error, this guide will help you.

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    linux read bios rom

    Biographies are kept in the most up-to-date way, which is not always easy for a human to read. Therefore, Linux provides a set of very useful commands that make it very easy for users to view BIOS information. this is


    biosdecode is the first tool used by almost everyone, and the website has a lot of BIOS facts and strategies to read. It scans the bios from memory and displays the information with less “bit order”, most of it is actually stored, but the media is still not human readable, so the usage requires understanding.

    #biosdecode# biocode 2.11ACPI 2.0 is present. OEM ID: Alaska table rsd 32-bit 0x8C78A028 address: 64-bit XSD table address: 0x000000008C78A078SMBIOS 2.7 is available. Structure table size in bytes 4047 Structure table address: 0x000EB8C0 Number of books: 112 Maximum size 184 structures: bytesThere is PNP BIOS 1.0. Non-event notification: support Real mode 16-bit address: F000:C786 code From 16-bit real mode data address: F000:0000 16-bit protected mode address: prefix 0x000FC7AE From 16-bit data address in protected mode: 0x000F0000There is 1 pci.0 interrupt routing. Router ID: 00:1f.0 Exclusive IRQs: No Compatible router: 8086:27b8 Slot input 1:00:1f, built-in ID Slot entry 2: ID 00:14 embedded Slot entry 3: ID 00:1d embedded Entrance to slot 4: ID 00:1a built-in Input to slot 5: ID 00:1b built-in Slot 6 input: ID 00:16, to Edge input slot 7: ID 00:1c built-in Slot entry 8: ID 06:00, slot number 33 Entrance to slot 9 decades: ID 00:01, embedded The tenth input of the slot: ID 00:06, to the Edge input slot number 10: ID 01:00, slot number 16 Slot 12 input: ID 00:04, to Edge input slot 13: ID 00:02, on board Entry 14 slot: ID 34:00, on board Entry 15 slot: ID 35:00, on board Entry 16 slot: ID 38:00, on board Entrance to slot 17: ID 00:19 embedded

    The end result of biosdecode is quite minimalistic and can actually be hard to understand, for example, to help you understand how biosdecode displays information, here is a slight digression from the flow of execution associated with biosdecode to do:

    Event notification: not supported

    Well, unsupported read capabilities of a memory area in the process of being biodecodedThe values ​​for type detection with the PNP event notification provided by the entire system being scanned were 0x0 (the original 0x would mean hex).

    Here is a list of possible values ​​and the corresponding yield string:

    Not supported -->Request -> 0x1Asynchronous -> -->

    To 0x2It is not known to have a better understanding of how biosdecode works, I recommend reading biosdecode.c Get the code.


    On the other hand, Dmidecode is the next tool that can display tooltips in a more human-readable style. The dmidecode command reads the system’s DMI (Desktop Interface Table) table management to help you display hardware and BIOS information behind the system’s un.dmidecode

    # Dmidecode --enter 0No. 2.11SMBIOS 2.7 is available.
    Descriptor 0x0000, type 24 dmi 0, byteBIOS Information US Seller: Megatrends Inc. Assembly: 2104 release date: 08/13/2013 0xF0000 Address: run time. Size: sixty-four KB.Size ROM: 8192 KB Characteristics: PCI supported The BIOS can definitely be updated BIOS monitoring enabled CD boot supported The selected load wassupported BIOS ROM inserted EDD supported 5.25"/1.2 MB (int 13h) floppy disks are still supported Service disks 3.5 inches/720 kilobytes (int 13h) are supported Services 3.5" / 2.88 MB floppy disks supported (int 13h) Print screen service can be supported (int 5h) Keyboard manufacturers supported 8042 (int 9h) Serial goods and services are supported (from 14:00) Printed goods and services are served (until 17:00) Is legacy acpi supported USB supported BIOS boot specification supported Targeted content distribution supported UEFI only supported BIOS version: 4.6

    In the following cases, we get information about the available PCI slots in the system:

    linux read bios rom

    # dmidecode --type 9#dmidcode 2.11SMBIOS 2.7 is available.
    Descriptor 0x0024, DMI type 9, 18 o bytesSystem location information PCI designation: EX16_1 PCI type: 32-bit express Current use: Available Length: short one ID: 3 Properties:supplied 0.3 V The opening is common PME signal supported Bus address: 0000:ff:01.0
    Descriptor 0x0025, DMI type eighteen 9, bytesSystem Location Information Designation: PCIEX16_2 Type: 32- Native PCI Express Current use: Available Length: ID: short 2 Characteristics: 3.3 served The discovery is common Supported PME Signal from bus address: 0000:ff:1c.3

    As you can see, the level of detail is really good, as perfect indicates if the notation can be called a PCIE slot and if it’s an x16 type, and which x16 slot acts accordingly (1, maybe even 2), etc. ..

    Dmidecode parameters – the type does not fully accept numbers, it also accepts keywords as cache cache:

    # Dmidecode# --type dmidcode 2.11SMBIOS 2.7 is available.

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  • Handle 0x0005, DMI assortment 7, 19 bytesinformation caching Socket designation: L1 cache Enabled, config: nested, no level 1 Operating mode: writeback Location: Internal Installed size: 256 KB Maximum size: 256 KB Supported SRAM types: Another Type of SRAM installed: Other Speed: Unknown Error Correction Type: No System Type: Single associativity: 8-way Associative Set
    Descriptor 0x0006, DMI type 7, 19 bytesinformation caching Socket designation: L2 cache Enabled, configtion: nested, not step 2 Operating mode: depends on the address Location: memory Internal Installed size: 1024 KB Maximum size: 768 KB Supported SRAM types: Another Type of SRAM installed: Other Speed: Unknown Error Correction Type: No System Type: Single 8-Way Associativity: Associative Set

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