Best Way To Fix Start Menu Lock

In this guide, we describe some of the possible causes that might cause the Start Menu to lock up and then give possible solutions to fix the problem.

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    Open the Group Policy Editor.Expand User Configuration.Select the task menu and taskbar.Double click Stary Layout on the right.Select Enabled.Download the XML file.Click “Apply” and exit.

    How do I lock the Start button in Windows 10?

    One-click start button in the bottom left corner. Click on your worker’s icon, then select Block.

    In Windows 10 1511, Microsoft went a step further and added a cool new feature that allows administrators to block switching from the Start menu. menu. The user can then customize a specific half of the start menu.

    Michael posted a great article on a specific way to provide a start menu for Windows 10 computers. The downside with this method was that the boot menu was locked; that is, the user could not add or remove tiles. In Windows 10 1511, Microsoft changed this. In my case, the Corporate Labels section is collapsed (indicated by a padlock), but the user can edit the My and New Labels section.

    Locked and user-configurable start menu

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    To customize your start menu, you used an exported XML file consisting of a “Company Shortcuts” section, which we’ll put inOr to a shared folder. We then deployed an XML file consisting of the Help Group Policy to the path of the Windows 10 client. It became possible to provide an XML file containing more than one service that we want to remove.

    The user can then select a package under Applications ”, right-click each of them and select “To select the start of pinning”. Users will likely create new groups and change their size or order.

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    Users can pin shortcuts to all Start menus

    How To Deploy A Specific Boot Menu ^

    How do I lock the Start Menu bar?

    lock the taskbar Right-click on the taskbar and select “Properties” from the pop-up gallery. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, check the box in the main section of the Lock the taskbar option. Click the “Apply” button to save the changes normally.

    The following procedure determines how to deploy a boot menu selection using Group Policy:

    1. Start from preparing the start menu you like to use for corporate shortcuts, tiling directly on the host computer startlayout.xml to create an XML file with the start menu layout without a doubt.
    2. Use the new part introduced in Windows 10 1511 which allows you to customize variouse chapter in the start menu, you can modify the xml file. The exported xml contains the commands to completely block the start menu, after the line you actually need to change to change the basic behavior:

      Replace this line containing the following line:

      Screenshot below View an example of the XML file used to deploy a blocked launch Menu Component. 100vw, 600px” src=”×277.png” srcset=” uploads/2016/06/Sample-XML-file-600×277.png 600w,×310.png 672w, https:// 1024w”>

      lock start menu

      Sample XML file

  • Next, copy the XML file to make sure you can share the file that the blogging computers on your network can connect to.
  • Now use the Startup Layout Group Policy setting found under Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar.

    How do I keep the Start Menu open?

    To fix it, you need to press the Windows key once and then release the concept. The Start menu is not available until you share the windows you want. Once the Start menu is open to everyone, you need to press and pin the Windows key and then bring up tiles or apps where you see a list to open them and leave the Start menu open.

    Group Policy Initial Layout

  • Set up the group policy with our XML path where you copied the common document access. .com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Path-to-XML-file-in-the-Strat-Layout-Group-Policy-600×553.png”>

    Path to the XML file in the group policy strat layout

  • The group policy will be selected the next time the user logs in.

    Therefore, Add A New Icon To Menu Start ^

    Whenever you want to post a new tile in the directed part. In the start menu, everyone should do the following:

    1. Add a real new tile to start the mapping (Calculator in the example).
    2. Open the PowerShell console and export Attach the initial assortment on behalf of the usual username (NOT via an elevated command prompt) using the same PowerShell as above.

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      Export Start Menu with PowerShell

    1. Reopen the found XML- file and copy the new added app to the xml data file you used in the Po sweet group.The line with AppuserModeID contains all the necessary information.=” -menu-with-Calculator-added-600×199.png” srcset=” /uploads/2016/06/Exported-Start-menu-with-Calculator-added -600×199.png 600w ,×222.png 672w, 2016/06/Exported-Start-menu-with-Calculator-added.png 1024w”>

      Exported start menu with calculator added

    < h2>Important Notes ^

    Before you expand the ten-panel Start Menu, there are a few things to note:

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    • That Only Windows 10 Enterprise supports this Run Configuration Group Policy.
    • si If you follow this Group Policy after an operator changes the Start Menu, Group Policy will remove this unique setting.
    • When Group Policy no longer targets the part of the computer that the blocked partwhich is usually associated with the Start menu, becomes unlocked. As you can no doubt see in the screenshot below, the lock has been lifted from the corporate shortcuts section :// the-Group- Policy-is-no-longer-applied.png”>

      Launch recipe will be unlocked when group policy is no longer applied

    • If a computer program is already added, a custom start menu is often used, and we extend it to group policy, the thumbnail moves from the user-controlled part to the policy-controlled part of the target.

    < p>Also read: Windows 10 Partial backup startup menu format with policy group

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    lock start menu

    In Windows 1511, Microsoft has added a new feature that allows administrators to secure a section of the Start menu. The user can then control a specific part of the start menu.

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