SOLVED: Suggestions For Fixing Modem Error Code 633

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    If you have modem error code 633 on your system, I hope this user guide will help you solve this problem. Error 633: The computer (or other connected device) already or in use is configured incorrectly. This error can occur if the COM (good link) port used by the switch was reserved by other application software when multiple Internet cable connections were established.

    This article provides a definitive solution to the problem that you cannot establish a VPN connection due to a TCP port conflict.


    When you try to apply a virtual private network (VPN) add-on on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you may receive the following error message:

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    Error 633. The cable box (or other connected device) has already been used is or is incorrectly designed.


    This issue can occur if the TCP port used only by Connection Is vpn is already in use by another program. The VPN connection uses TCP port 1723 to establish a connection. other If the software is already using this port, the VPN connection cannot be established. Bypass this


    modem error code 633

    For a problem, use one of the following methods:

  • Explicitly reserve a frequently used TCP port for the VPN connection. To do this, understand these steps:
    1. Click Regedit “Run”, the method.exe box in “Open” and finally click “OK”.
    2. In the Registry Editor, find and click the following PC subkey: menu hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicestcpipparameters
    3. In Edit, click New, then Multiline Value.
    4. Rename the multi-line label to “ReservedPorts” and then double-click it.
    5. In the “Value” field, enter 1723-1723 and click OK when you’re done.
    6. Exit Registry Editor.
  • Use all of netstat to find the program that uses port 1723 the most. Then kill the most important process for that program. there, go back follow these steps:
    1. Click Start, select Run, type cmd.exe in the Open box, and click OK.

    2. At the main command prompt, type the following, and then press ENTER:
      netstat -aon

    3. Which has failed the error code returned on failure is 633?

      “Error 633: The computer is already in use or is no longer configured correctly” is most likely not device specific, so many PC models and models may still be affected. Error message explicitly indicating that the modem is not working due to incorrect settings

      The displayed output usually identifies the process ID of the program, if present it is using the output of TCP 1723.command

    4. How do I fix modem or other connecting device has reported an error?

      Method: 1 Remove and reinstall the modem.Method 2: Reset TCP/IP.Method 3: Install the latest version of the switch driver.Update the driver for hardware that may not work properly.

      In the prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
      taskkill /PID PID /F


      The taskkill command kills the parent process matching the process IDmethod number. The parameter was used by /f to force a failover. command

    5. At the prompt, type exit, and then press ENTER to close the entire command prompt.

  • Restart your computer. This may cause the program to use this TCP port 1723 to use a different port.
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  • modem error code 633

    This article contains information about modifying the registry. Before editing the registry, be sure to back it up and make sure you know how to restore the registry if something goes wrong. For more information about backing up, restoring, and general editing of the registry, click the following article numbers to view the article in this Microsoft Knowledge Base:256986 Registry Description of Microsoft Windows

    Incorrect use of the Registry Editor can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Obviously, Microsoft cannot guarantee that you will be able toSome problems resulting from the incorrect use of the registry editor. Use of the registration editor through is at your own risk.

    The taskkill command kills a process that matches the process ID. The /F parameter was used to force finalization.

    Fix Error Modem Code 633 on Windows: Error Modem Code 633 appears when using a USB cable on a Windows PC. This is also a dial up error that always occurs on all Windows systems. This error message displays “Error 633: The modem is already worn out or incorrectly configured.” If someone encounters an error, don’t panic as it doesn’t pose a serious threat to your PC. In this article, we will look at how to fix modem error code 633 on your Windows PC. If you follow the instructions carefully, you can easily avoid this problem.

    Causes Of Error 633

    How do I fix Error 633 on my modem?

    remove any human interaction dial-up on the network.Open Device Manager and expand our list of the “Advanced” tab, then click the “Advanced Ports” options.Click the COM port number: drop-down list.

    • If the software is conflicting with the USB modem, this error may appear specific to the system Meme. All
    • if the modem is configured incorrectly, a problem will occur.
    • You will get this type of error when the Telephon.ini file is missing or corrupted.
    • Port li>If the connection (COM ) is currently in use by the modem and reserved by the following software, this error will be suppressed.

    Remove Incompatible Missing Software

    • Go to “Start Modems”, find “Control Panel” and select it.
    • In org/2000/svg’%20viewbox=’0%200%20851%20686’%3e%3c/svg%3e”>
      Panel In the main control panel window, you need to find the phone modem and select it.
    Select and Option Phone
    • Hub will now see three tabs. Whether they are dial-up modems and high-tech rules.
    • You must select the “Modems” tab. Then you will see the followingyou installed on your computer.
    • In order to find out this error, you select required and remove all incompatible software and which modems do not exist very well. Click on the OK button.
    • You should finally reboot your current system.
    Restart your computer

    Change Communication Ports

    • You go to Start, search for the command “Run” and additionally select the best result.
    Run command
    • In the Run command window, be sure to type the following command and click OK.
    Press this OK button