How To Change Dell BIOS Settings?

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    If you are getting an error message while changing the dell BIOS settings on your PC, you should check out these troubleshooting tips. Step: Download Dell Command | Adjust down.2Step: Dell Run Command | Tune.Step 3: Adjust the BIOS settings.Step 4 You: Create a package.Step 5: Provide an EXE file.

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    Update: Dell now uses existing native WMI classes to manage BIOS settings on newer models. For more information, see this article: Dell bios settings management – WMI. read Continue this article to learn how to use the Dell PowerShell component to configure legacy settings.

    This is one of three articles in the Manage BIOS Settings for PowerShell Settings series. I’ve also written about HP and Lenovo. In this article, I will talk about using powershell to manage Dell bios settings.

    Dell And PowerShell

    modify dell bios settings

    Unlike HP Lenovo, Dell provides non-standard access to BIOS settings from the command line. Instead, Dell provides a PowerShell module called Dell Command Provider | PowerShell is ready. This PowerShell module allows you to directly view Dell BIOS settings passwords and then change them from the PowerShell command line, or perhaps even from a script. module This PowerShell should allow them to be installed.before re-running the Dell Password Manager script. For more resources, see my recent blog post Working with Dell with Command Using | PowerShell provider.

    How do I access my Dell BIOS remotely?

    Enter Get-BIOS and add the parameter “ComputerName” -computer to with credentials will appear where you enter credentials to access each of our remote computers.It will search for your manufacturer and list the appropriate BIOS settings.

    After installing the Dell PowerShell provider element, open a control prompt and powershell import all modules. Module

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    The provider creates a dellbiosprovider psdrive with the better name DellSmbios. Settings can still be queried or modified, typically by passing Get-Item and Set-Item cmdlet objects to DellSmbios:location.

    The DellBIOSProvider segment also allows communities to work with those who have found the BIOS password. In this case, when starting a new value, the account information parameter should be used.

    For more information about using the Dell PowerShell provider, see the documentation: Reference Official Guide, User Guide

    Manage-DellBiosSettings.ps1 Script

    How do I change BIOS settings on Dell?

    Press and hold F2 on the Dell logo screen for a few minutes to boot. Or During bootup at the Dell logo screen, press the custom F12 key several times and select “BIOS Setup” or “System Setup” from the full menu.

    For this, the necessary commands are required and logic is added to provide a more automated process for monitoring parameters. Script with four areas.

    • GetSettings.Use this parameter to tell the script to setGive a marketing email list with all current BIOS settings. By default, the settings are displayed successfully on the screen.
    • SetSettings – This option is used to tell the script to set certain BIOS settings. All parameters can be specified in the script body or based on the CSV file.
    • CsvPath – my parameter is used to specify the location in the CSV file. You When you use the GetSettings switch, it serves to accumulate a place where a list of current BIOS settings is stored. When used with this, setsettings even acts as if the script is reading the bios settings to be set. Using this excellent switch with the SetSettings switch will almost certainly cause the script to directly ignore any settings specified in the script.
    • AdminPassword – BIOS password authentication is used

    How do I get to Dell advanced BIOS settings?

    Click “Start”, then select “Settings”.Click Update security and.On the left, click recovery effort.In the “Advanced” section, click now” “Start.Click Troubleshoot.Click on more options.Select UEFI Firmware Settings.

    When using a script to set preferences, the preference function can be described either in the script itself or using a CSV file. To specify fixes to the script, find the $Settings array inrhu script. Parameters must be formatted in “parameter name, parameter value”

    The complete list of configurations can be exported from the tracker called by the script with the Exact getsettings parameter. You can also specify the CsvPath parameter to create a list of parameters in a CSV file.

    You can then sort these exported settings and store them both in a CSV file and in the $Settings array in the body of the script

    In a certain scenario, a log file is generated. The result of non-payment is the log file name Manage-DellBiosSettings-PSModule.Log. If the script is running during task sequence, the log information is in _SMSTSLogPath. Otherwise, the log file is located in programdataconfigjonscriptsdell. Keep the file name so that the path can be changed using the LogFile parameter. Note that when run during a task sequence, the log file path is always _SMSTSLogPath.

    modify dell bios settings

    The script has built-in logic to determine if patches have already been applied correctly, successfully, failed, or were found on the device. Scene The one that actually prints is counted at the end of the screen. More detailed information about parameters should be written to the transfer log.

    I’ve added some sample files to my GitHub settings. This settings file contains settings frequently installed by the Dell BIOS.

    • Settings_CSV_SecureBoot.csv – Contains enable and SecureBoot options
    • Settings_CSV_TPM uefi.Csv contains – TPM startup settings and enable
    • Settings_CSV_General. â – csv des contains general information settings
    • Settings_In-Script_All.txt – general contains settings that will be formatted when used in the body of a particular script


    A script can run in separate script windows or as part of a Configuration Manager task sequence. It can also run on a fully functional Windows operating system or in a WinPE environment.

    Can you change BIOS settings remotely?

    you change the BIOS settings remotely when the computer is never active or. BIOS management isn’t much for desktops and laptops, but IT can remotely access the BIOS for point-of-sale devices and anything that uses an Intel vPro computer.

    Here are a few examplescalling a script from the PowerShell command line. view

    Here is the script call during this task sequence. In this example, choices are listed throughout the script, so the program can be saved directly as a step in the task sequence. An admin password is also set, so the AdminPassword parameter is specified.

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