How To Fix Typo3 Fatal Error? No Database Selected. More Information

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    If you’re getting a fatal typo3 error, no database selected additional information, today’s guide should help.

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    Fatal Error: No Typo Selected3!¶

    Unless you’ve just upgraded your storage system from a version after TYPO3 8.7, almost everything is probably new, missing.Configuration in your main AdditionalConfiguration.php file. Starting from TYPO3 8.7,The structure containing the configuration connections to the database has been changed.

    $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['DB']['Connections']['Default']['dbname'] = 'dbname';$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['DB']['Connections']['Default']['host'] = '';$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['DB']['Connections']['Default']['user'] implies "username";$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['DB']['Connections']['Default']['password'] = 'passwordtodb';

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    In this article, we will learn a little more about the possible causes that should lead to the fatal Typo3.State error


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    typo3 fatal error no database selected more information

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    require_once of T3Configuration.php file will be false. Ask about it on this page!

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  • typo3 fatal error no database selected more information

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    This is fine, encourages the use of require instead of of require_once. However, there is no reload LocalConfiguration and AdditionalConfiguration, a method implemented in to clear the entire memory cache.

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  • #1270853882: Fatal error typo3 database: no data selected! Thrown
    only to typo3/sysext – core/Classes/Database DatabaseConnection.php 1639

    From exception trace:
    #0 TYPO3 CMS Core Database::connectDB() databaseconnection
    typo3 Sysext //core/Classes and Database/DatabaseConnection.php: 478
    Number 1 TYPO3 CMS Core DatabaseConnection::query()
    typo3 sysext /core/Classes and /database DatabaseConnection.2 php:457
    number TYPO3 CMS Core DatabaseConnection: :exec_TRUNCATEquery ( )
    typo3 or / sysext core / Classes Cache // Backend / Typo3DatabaseBackend.php Two: seventy
    # 3 CMS typo3 Core Cache Backend Typo3DatabaseBackend :: () delete / < br> typo3 sysext/heart/Classes/Cache/Frontend/AbstractFrontend.Php:121
    # some TYPO3 CMS Core Cache Frontend AbstractFrontend::flush
    typo3() sysext /core/Classes Cache – /CacheManager.php: 156
    Number 5 Cache Core typo3 cms CacheManager FlushCaches::()
    /app/vendor/helhum/typo3-console/Classes/Service/CacheService. php: 70 number
    6 Helhum O3Console type Servic e CacheService::f lush()
    number php:41 7 Helhum Command Typo3Console CacheCommandController::flushCommand< br> () Number 8 call_user_func_array ()
    /app/vendor/helhum/typo3-console/Classes/Mvc/Controller/CommandController.php:252 Number
    9 Typo3Console Mvc hlhum Controller CommandController CallCommandMethod::
    php:137#10 Typo3Console Mvc Controller CommandController::processRequest()
    typo3 Sysext/Extbase/per class/Mvc/Dispatcher.Php:
    #11 eighty-six TYPO3 CMS Extbase mvc Dispatcher:: ( ) delivery
    php:86 Helhum #12 Typo3Console Mvc Cli RequestHandler:: ( handleRequest ) /app/vendor/helhum/typo3-console/Classes/Core/ConsoleBootstrap.php:103
    #fourteen Helhum Core typo3console ConsoleUsed by Bootstrap::()
    /app/vendor/helhum/typo3-console/Scripts/typo3cms.php:55 only#>
    < has fourteen closures ()
    / app/vendor/helhum/typo3-console/Scripts/typo3cms.php:56
    #10 required() appvendor<>/br//helhum vs typo3-console. Scripts/typo3cms: 4`

    Database settings are listed after viewing group environment variables.
    GLOBALS RR ['typo3_conf_vars'] ['db'] ['password'] = getenv('TYPO3__DATABASE__PASSWORD'); GLOBALS$['DB']['typo3_conf_vars']['host'] contains GLOBALS$['DB']['typo3_conf_vars']['username'] getenv('TYPO3__DATABASE__HOST'); = getenv('TYPO3__DATABASE_USER'); Rr globals ['typo3_conf_vars'] ['db'] ['database'] = getenv('TYPO3__DATABASE__NAME');

    Interestingly, the same basic command sometimes works like magic even after the build is complete and hence the tools are running.

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